@MerlinLayer2 is officially launching today! 🎉

Users can explore it here: https://scan.merlinchain.io

What unique & exciting things can we expect?

1️⃣ AI support: ChatGPT has been integrated to assist users in querying information, chatting and learning directly on our platform. Chat with AI or quickly summarize statistics on transactions/addresses...

Try it out: https://scan.merlinchain.io/tx/0x375804b0954d9ec453ae0df59bce05a1576bb9b9b569ff4d733742ac9bfd98b9

2️⃣ Activity Ranking: See your activity on MerlinScan and get an activity score!


3️⃣ dApps Ranking: MerlinScan provides a ranking of projects within the Merlinchain ecosystem based on real-time on-chain data. You can explore and evaluate projects according to your needs.https://scan.merlinchain.io/dapps

  1. Merlin Portal: It brings convenience in managing and interacting with your assets on Merlinchain by enabling basic transactions such as Send/Swap/Bridge directly on the MerlinScan explorer.


Visit Merlinchain today to discover these unique features and become part of our Bitcoin L2 revolution!

Let's make Bitcoin fun again with Merlin & MerlinScan 💪